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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a driver’s licence to drive a kart at the Jim Russell Karting Academy?
No but there are a few conditions to fulfill to be allowed to and drive a kart. We have only one type of kart for the ENDURO-KART and for this reason, children must be at least 12 years old AND measure at least 54 inches (1,37m) in height. If there is a doubt an ID will be required. For reasons of security and insurance, no exceptions will be tolerated.

Do parents/guardians need to be present?
It is required that an adult be present to sign parental waivers at the time of registration.

Is lunch included?
No, none of our packages offer meals.

*For large groups a buffet can be planned on request.

What are your business hours? When does the karting season begin?
In May, we are able to welcome you from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 17:00. Please note by cons that the circuit will not be available for special events such as racing and corporate days (see Section events and races). Our activities start from snowmelt (April) and continue until the fall (October / November). However, if the weather does not lend itself to the practice of karting (rain or cold) we must close our doors earlier or for the day as appropriate.

How do I make a reservation for a Grand-Prix package?
Contact us by phone at (514) 313-9676, ext 1 to know the availability. A credit card number will be asked to confirm the reservation. For all information about booking a group, see "corporate group".

Is there a minimum number of participants for a Grand-Prix package?
Yes, because you'll be the only users of the track during your sessions. Thus, for exclusivity, the minimum number of participants for a Grand Prize Package is:
10 people Monday to Friday
15 people on Saturday and Sunday

How should I dress to go karting?
You must wear closed shoes (no sandals). The remaining equipment will be provided. If you visit us at the beginning or the end of the season, it is better to have warm clothing because the temperature is often cooler. A pair of gloves can also provide optimum comfort in cool or cold weather.

Is it possible for me to use my own helmet?
For you own safety, full face helmets equipped with a shield are provided to every participant. So, if you wish to use your own helmet, it must be a full face and must be equipped with a shield. Incomplete or non-conforming helmets will not be allowed on the track at any time.

We have a reservation but the weather doesn’t look good; what happens?
In general - Although it does not happen frequently, we must sometimes temporarily cease our karting activities due to rain. Our karts being equipped with slicks tires, we suspend our operations as soon as we judge that the safety of the drivers is compromised. This exceptional measure applies for the duration of the rain shower or according to the importance of water accumulation on the track. Karting activities will resume as soon as conditions improve.

Light rain: In case of light rain, normally activities are kept and all reservations are honoured so don’t forget your raincoat! If in doubt, contact us to know more about the local weather.

Shower and thunderstorm: All activities are suspended until the rain stops and the track dries out. SRA Karting officials will resume karting activities as soon as the track conditions improve. This exceptional measure applies as soon as the safety of the drivers and the employees are concerned.

*If in doubt, contact us to know more about the local weather.