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Grand-Prix Training


The grand prix coaching is similar to the Enduro-Kart programs, but with this you will be able to put into practice the elements of racing, like the strategies for qualifying, standing starts, overtaking situations in a race and how to protect your position. For these programs, ENDURO KARTS are used to combine performance, reliability and security. These programs can be tailored to suit your needs (tents, catering, audio and video systems...)

The students will be abel to come back and push there training to the next level with our more advance programs and improve there driving skills.

Groupe Corporatif
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Taxes not included and prices per person subject to change without notice.

Product Specifications and Pricing

For these programs, Enduro-karts are used to combine performance, reliability and security.

Bronze Grand Prix Training 75.00$/p.p.


Classroom session, 15 minutes qualifying, 15 minutes race

Silver Grand Prix Training 100.00$/p.p.


Classroom session, 15 minutes practice, 15 minutes qualifying, 15 minutes race

Gold Grand Prix training 125.00$/p.p.


Classroom session, 15 minutes practice, 15 minutes qualifying and two race of 15 minutes each